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Hard Fluorocarbon Leader


Where FC leader is concerned the competition is hot to say the least. The best advice we can give is to forget your brand loyalty for the moment, get familiar with the specs, read the forums and listen to what the pros are saying. That’s what we are doing, and what we are finding, consistently, is that anglers from all walks, including part timers, the dedicated recreational anglers and serious pros are raving about V-Hard Fluorocarbon Leader. They trust it, they’re sticking with it and using it in a huge range of applications from trolling to casting light weight plastics into oyster racks.

A frequent comment you will hear in relation to V-Hard is, “I don’t care that it costs more, it’s the best.” Many Australian anglers are discerning shoppers. They always look for value for money. You can rest assured that if an Aussie angler is prepared to spend the extra dollars it is always for a very good reason and justified. It has already won a dedicated following of their FC leader products. Anglers are fully aware of the quality of materials that go into it to make it some of the best kit to come out.

For most anglers who have used V-Hard they are seeing it as having the ideal blend of knot strength, abrasion resistance, suppleness and shock resistance. These features, as well as being clear, and super hard for fish to spot, is seeing many anglers convert to V-Hard Fluorocarbon Leader relegating their old stock of FC leader to emergency spare or emergency status. This is definitely a case where going with the flock will see your results improve significantly.

♦   Colour: Clear, Length: 50m, Up to 30% stronger than other FC leaders, Outstanding knot strength and abrasion resistance

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